FLEXOPRINT(THAILAND) is a manufacturer in producing all kinds of printed flexible packaging for foods and mass-produced consumer goods.

We deliver products on the roll or as finished bags, pouches, zippers or stand-up packaging, air valve including.

State-of-the-art technology, excellent customer service, and a firm commitment to quality control guarantee reliable results and total satisfaction. FLEXOPRINT(THAILAND) is your dependable source for packaging.

Product Category Products filling in, Intent to use Packaging type
Flexible packaging    
Wrapper rolls Paper wrapper, Soap wrapper, etc. Roll, Sheet
Frozen foods & Vacuum products Frezen seafood, Crab sticks, Sausages, Sauce, etc. 3 side seal, stand up pouch
Powder products Flour, Milk powder, Artificial cream, Seasoning power, Coffee, Creamer, etc. Roll, 3 side seal, stand up pouch Gusset bag, Air valve bag
Liquid Products Frabric softener, Liquid detergent, Shampoo, Cream shower, Pesticide, Juice, etc. Stand up pouch, Zipper bag, Spout bag
Instant noodle products Instant noodle, etc. Roll, Center seal, Gusset bag
Agricultural Products Rice, Sugar, Seed, Cayenne pepper, Grain, etc. 3 Side seal, 4 Side seal, Gesset bag
Snack food products Patato chips, Wafer, Crispy, etc. Center seal, Roll
Bread & Confectionery products Candy, chocolate, Gum, etc. Center seal, Gusset bag, Roll
Chemical products Food colouring, Fertilizer, etc. Stand up pouch, Center seal, Gusset bag
High barrier Metalized film and Aluminium Foil EPE Foam and Air bubble embossing, Insulation Film, Copper wrapper Roll, Bag
LLDPE films    
Suppy to converter Variety properties of LLDPE laminating film LLDPE Roll
Stretch films    
Hand roll & Machine Roll Carton wrapper, Pallet wrapper Stretch film